Early Distant Warning

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This week we’re sad to bring you news from the lisping lips of the NHL commissioner… One might have assumed the lisp was due to a lack of teeth, but alas, no! It’s due to the latest onslaught of Homo-mainia that’s sweeping the land as queers pour out of the closet and into the media so fast as to only be described as a torrent of putrid, syphilitic filth unequaled since the last days of Rome!

Then there’s the dad who topped off his meal at Burger King by shooting a would be robber, Barry Ho and HUD encouraging banks to start loaning to poor people again, DC comics and their first transgendered super hero, (“Testostrogena” anyone….), Moslems telling Christians in Egypt, “leave or die“, and reason 676 to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools!

The trial of Kermit Gosnell, human butcher continues despite the lack of coverage in the press, a woman in Ohio is suing her doctors for failing to kill her baby as requested, a judge in Brooklyn orders the morning after abortion pill to be given out like candy to school-girls while over in the Moslem world doctors have successfully helped a woman receive a transplanted uterus and then become pregnant!

Barry Ho has announced he wants to scan the human brain, (not your brain, don’t get all freaked out, just the human brain in general), diagnoses of ADHD and prescriptions for the drugs that go along with it are exploding across the land, Baby Boomers are insisting they be allowed to kill themselves, Maggie’s gone to heaven, (we hope), Michelle Obama is familially dysphoric, former congressmen are looking for aliens, and the IRS tax code is 57 times longer than the Bible!

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