Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: A Rahm Is Gored


While a New York Man recovered from his liver transplant with a couple of gallons of whiskey and drive around town, the Barry Ho administration, drunk on power, developed an odd Nixonian tic as the drip, drip, drip of scandal began in earnest. Perhaps this is what Barry and Rahm meant by “focusing like a laser on jobs”. And the Turkey in the White House is small potatoes when compared to the Prime Minister of Turkey and the terrorists he seems to have thrown in with, ) although the White House might be concealing a “deep gizzard” of it’s own when it comes to the “Free Gaza” terrorists.


While Tony “Rock and Roll” Blair eekes out a mere $1m per year in the global climate change rackets, the grand-daddy of them all, and the father of the modern global warming hoax, (or perhaps he’s the bastard stepchild), Al Gore helped Tipper get her groove back in light of the inevitable collapse of his criminal enterprise. She get’s the house, the house, the house, the houe, the house in Montecito, and the cars, the SUV’s, the plane, the bank accounts, the jewelry, and pretty much everything of value in case Al finds himself having to explain the inconvenient truth to a judge sometime soon…


The House & Senate have agreed that in order to ensure the professionalism and readiness of soldiers and sailors in the most powerful military recorded history, they should watch their bunk-mates sodomize one another, and then have frank, open discussions about their feelings. And don’t worry, it’s already done wonders for the European militaries, who’ve never had to look to America for help, and from whom we can all take instruction on how to be fabulously queer in uniform or out!


The Just-A-System provides a dizzying raft of disheartening injustice as legislators, prosecutors, killers, governors, and lawyers join one another in defiling any sense of justice we might have had left. And whether it’s booze, coke, pot, R&B, milkshakes, serial fornication or old fashioned adultery, you’ll not find an escape from the sinking feeling that… well, the whole thing may just be sinking.

And is there anything we can do to slow the march toward doomsday? Listen to the show to find out!

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