The Rats and the Government Cheese

Every Dog Has His Day

And we’re not just talking about the Chinese space menu. We’re talking about medals for courageous restraint, and criminal restraint when reporting on communists throwing bombs in the streets! Well, symbolism does trump substance for some, and politicians may try to bamboozle us, but here at the Worldview we try to keep our priorities straight.

One of These Things is A-LOT Like the Other

Elena "Chas" KagenChastity as Chas or a Elena?

And while Paul Shanklin may have noticed it first, we’ve not heard the last on Elena, whether it be regarding abortion, her supposed lack of experience, or the fact that she and Chastity Bono have never been seen in the same room together, (at least not yet anyway)….

Swearing Off Cannes

Meanwhile, Woody Allen is defending Roman Polanski, while the ACLU is working tirelessly to end civility! And this while the Episcopals desecrate the bishoprick and even a cadre of spies can’t find a hint of how Barry Ho got his college loans. And in L.A. the third rail of politics, (also known as sidewalk repair) threatens to crack the system, while no one can quite figure out why the stock market isn’t buying into the recovery. Perhaps the 40,000,000 “snaps” have something to do with it?

Just A System

It’s life for one convicted of taking life in San Diego, while it’s justice denied in Santa Ana, and in America, surviving Hitler’s death camps is no guarantee against a violent end.

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