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As western civilization pursues its bloated end, our music industry corrupts gospel singers and gets it’s just desserts. Meanwhile so called conservatives call for the killing of children after mom watches a home movie of them. But the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. will not allow us to ignore the truth, nor will the culture be lost without calling our attention to its plight.


The charge that adultery is a crime may shock the sensibilities of a post-sensible civilization, but we’re sad to report that the evidence is in. And while father’s no longer know how to deal with a punk, we shouldn’t be surprised when they are now the hapless products of generations of corruption at the hands of the government schools and the product they produce.


As the world awaits the return of our first sample of an extra-terrestrial asteroid, and the footware of the “organic age” generates new questions about our origins, a longer wait continues for the promise of the Human Genome Project that was supposed to cure all the diseases acquired and disseminated by Bill Clinton. (Seems the only thing the genome has taught us so far is that Darwin was in way over his head).


And while Miami has the potential to be a paradise on earth, that potential is mitigated by gunfire. And Sunny Southern California languishes under the weight of cold blooded murder in its quest for domestic tranquility. All this while self proclaimed demons with tattoos are coddled by lawyers and judges who no longer recognize the objective definition of justice. But there’s a ray of hope in Georgia, even if it is 24 years too late.


While the Moslem Saudis see the good sense in allowing Israel to bomb Iran, Barry Ho offers cash to terrorists while dithering over whether or not to allow the IDF to fly over our own “occupied territory” in order to prevent the destruction of their state, and the state of peace on earth. And watching from the sidelines in the “UNsecurity Council”, seeks merely to make nuclear war inconvenient for the Mullahs, (but not something that’s out of the question). And while the Taliban do what they do best, kill children, our own children make war in our own back yard.

But the dawn of a new week brings hope to those wise enough to know where to look, and listen. So listen at the link below, and know that where there is life there is hope… And there is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

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