Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Accelerated Drawdown

Congratulations Tim Tebow on eclipsing Bill Maher’s twit followers! Tim topped a million followers on Twitter this week, while Maher stagnates, the same pig-eyed, rapidly aging crotch humorist he always was…

Paula Deen may turn bacon wrapped, deep fried mac & cheese into a lucrative pharma endorsement contract, and atheists say Tim Tebow is “full of crap“! No big surprises, but worthy of analysis from your favorite conservative talk show host on the Web!

Scream Rooms are the order of the day on the government school plantation, and dropping out is a disability? And the homosexualists in D.C. are considering how divorce the queers they’ve married off since 2010, (probably just trying to keep up with the hetero divorce rate at this point). Meanwhile the Girl Scouts of America are not denying that they want to sexually indoctrinate young girls, but they insist they’re not using money from the cookies to do it!

Personhood is rolling through Kansas and across the fruited plain while Rabbis are begging the average moron RE-publican voter not to fall for Mitt Romney’s false conservative, pro-life credentials, smooth talk. and fist-fulls of cash (Unfortunately this comes on the heels of an Israeli city topping the “best” list of homo-“friendly” destinations, and worse yet, Buffalo NY is designated as the queers next target! Really… Buffalo? Haven’t they suffered enough!

Allen West pronounces the “pee on a Taliban” controversy dead in the water so to speak, while the Taliban who’ve unfortunately escaped an early early and yellow-tinted demise are insistent upon retaking Afghanistan, (and continuing to be our enemy despite what Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s efforts to woo them with kindness).

Ahmadinejad and Chaves slobber all over each other while the centrifuges spin… perhaps faster than you might think, and Israeli magneto-bombs show us the path to peace while the life of a young Marine hangs in the balance

RE-publican Governor Haley Barbour wakes up from his long term drunken stupor to find he’s released a pack of murderers, a cruise ship symbolizes the course of the eeeEEEEUUUUuuu, and the CDC insists that if you want to deface your tongue with a metal object, get the real thing!

It’s all the stories and perspectives the other conservative talk show hosts missed! Tune at the link below to get the podcast rolling!