Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Tebow Evolution

And your favorite conservative talk show host will talk a bit about Tim Tebow, but this weeks show title is blatantly designed to increase website traffic by shamelessly riding the coat tails of the most popular sports figure in the world, (who’s also a home schooled Christian, and not unlike his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… he’s a winner we can all look up to)!

And besides, being the only major media figure to predict a Bronco victory this week, Doug feels like Tim owes him one…

Hear about a woman who peed on a $30M abstract painting in drunken stupor, (well, look at the art and decide for yourself if Doug’s excuse for her might be valid).

You’ll also find out about the continuing deception of government school kids regarding Ernst Haeckel and evolution…. and a bunch of other stuff. But right now I’m going back upstairs to watch Bronco highlights ’till 3am.

Enjoy the podcast below folks! And say a kind prayer for Tom Brady and the Patriots. Lord knows they need it…