Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: All That Jazz

A Race Against Time

Whether your in Tehran, Seoul, DC or Chicago the threat of impending destruction is almost palpable. And while it’s the war abroad that competes for our attention with stories of poor Mexicans and rich white liberals intent on destroying their best hope for a better life; could it be another war altogether that has the attention of the creator? He sees the innocent victims, and those trying to preserve their lives. He considers the lowliest warrior and the so called leaders who’ve not only lost their way, but have led the troops into unwitting sedition. He sees the big picture… and waits. He waits for you.

A Wing and A Prayer

When Billy Graham bowed his head in prayer with Barry Ho our microphones were there to record this historic  moment as Billy patronizes his last president. Meanwhile the Tea Party faithful must come to grips with the monsters they’ve created.

Going Out With a Lisp

And while justice teeters on the brink, the righteous desire to execute the guilty is suppressed and the firing squad seems passe. But the same pols who tell us we must tolerate killers in our midst apologize for the truth, and find themselves in a quandary when it comes to something as simple as sodomy. And now, getting “outed” has a whole new meaning.

A Tiger by the Tale

Is Barack Obama distracted, or is he focused on his first love… Karl Marx? Only the Enquirer knows for sure, but we’ll all know soon enough. And as Tiger Wood’s begins to show the spiritual strain that Buddha cannot correct, the fact of Michelle Obama’s fashion handicap is recognized by the market, if not by the fawning press… at least not yet!

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