Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Culture of Confusion

After a painfully long hiatus The Weekly Worldview returns with the best conservative talk on the web! We say farewell to Jack Kevorkian, hello to HHS promoting more homosexuals adopting children, and whaaaaa???? to open homo’s defiling the USMC. And then there’s Iran within 60 days of getting the fuel for their very own Islamabomb, the UNPalestinian state, Israeli marksmanship along the Golan border with Syria, and Hamas summer camps!

It’s Keith Mason & Personhood USA vs Dan Grossman of the Bixby Center and Ibis “reproductive health” in the debate over when life and Personhood begin. And it’s the sane vs the Just-A-System all across the nation. The CDC says autism and ADHD are rising on an alarming track. Coincidentally, parents are falling down on the job all across North America and the West. It’s no wonder the kids are confused, ill or drugged!

And the deviants continued to pour out of the closet this week, as last, and the week before that! More than half of Millennials support homosexual marriage and abortion, while the Mitt Romney demographic is well represented in the two thirds of Americans who call themselves both pro-life and Pro-choice…

We know it can get a bit confusing, but give a listen to the podcast and we’ll do our best to clear it all up.