Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Religious Profanity

During a week in which the Pope called God a liar, the California Governor paid off a murderer, and the ACLU convinced the police that profanity is no longer a crime, you’d expect nothing would be shocking… But an Australian Judge has provided guidance for a 16 year old boy to be mutilated, and that just freaked us out!

But the state of domestic tranquility is equally concerning as a killer lives to inherit his victims estate, an Ohio 10 year old kills his mom, the heartland is shaken by yet another school killing, Arizona police track one killer and capture another, Facebook friends abandon a suicidal woman, middle school girls plot “attack a teacher day”, a New Jersey man seeks the portal to hell, and an innocent 9 year old dies while a child killer clings to life.

And the American government is approving the killing of babies to be fed to half blind geezers while obliterating the idea of mom and dad. But conservatives look to Sarah Palin for salvation even as she accedes to the sodomizing of the Marines! And in old New York 41% of all pregnancies terminate in abortion while in Japan a taste for fatty tuna outstrips the ability of her people to procreate.

And while Julian Assange cites his appetite for women in denying a conjugal visit with wiki-conspiritor Pfc. Bradley Manning, the Army busies itself trying to figure out what makes a homosexual traitor tick! And while Pfc. Manning stews in a psychiatrists chair, an intelligence source in Iran’s revolutionary guard is likely learning what real torture is all about.

And the religious cleansing in the middle east has progressed to genocide of Christians, and assassination of Moslems who are not sufficiently devout in their participation in said genocide. But in England they want to kill the drunks in a more socially acceptable manner, and Big Brother in America is taking to the sky, dispensing flattery in a drone.

If you’re wondering how this all turns out, download the podcast and give a listen!