Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: A Race to Bankruptcy

It’s no wonder the vulnerable amongst us are robbed, when the so called National Right to “Life” committee advocates the most vulnerable amongst us continue to be killed, and the average voter in Colorado doesn’t realize he’ll be expected to take a position on the Personhood of the baby in the womb on Judgment Day.

And the Government school factories continue to belch out violence and fire upon their victims, while cultural icons like Miley Cyrus and Anderson Cooper respond with a giggle and a bong hit. Is it a crisis among parents? Among mayors? Is it a crisis of identity? We submit that it is all of the above and then some…

And while the world continues to erupt upon princes and Swedes alike, America’s military, judicial, and legislative might remains focused like a laser… on normalizing sodomy! But in Cancun the UNclimate change conference has reached an important deal to secure funds to extend their (self) important work.

Nobel peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo languishes in prison, but his award gives the world yet another opportunity for Barry Ho to remind us all of how this story relates inexorably back to him. And Ho lieutenant Rahm Emanuel must soon defend himself against the Chicago eligibility “truthers” who question his ability to manifest himself in two places at once, while California, New York, Ireland and Greece lose out to Cuba in the “who wants to be bankrupt” contest that seems to be engulfing the world.

In New York the cab driver’s are profiling while the b-list celebs are strangling. In Florida the homeless are killing the perverts, and in Holland the cops are chasing the teenagers programmed to “bring it all down”, (or at least disrupt a few Mastercard transactions).

The moslems continue to explode, but Eric Holder assures them we still like them. He hasn’t noticed that the “moderate” moslem community has yet to stand up and condemn the unjust violence wrought in the name of their religion.

And Bret Favre has finally managed to collapse the Minnesota Vikings, (even the roof fell in)!

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