Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Fear & Justice

To no one’s surprise, during a week when government educrats were forced to cancel a mock school shooting drill for fear of, well, shootings; there was an actual school shooting. Shocked school administrators were said to have been washing down Valtrex & Ativan with vodka while handing out condoms and copies of “Origin of the Species”, loudly wailing “why”!?while kissing their same sex partner and reminding us that it “really isn’t that bad” in your kid’s school district…

And the threat to America grows, but it’s not so much in Afghanistan, or Iraq, or Libya for that matter. We found the threat most imminent in the heart of a mother in Sparks Nevada, and in the soul of a fifteen year-old boy in Edmonton Kentucky. And on a bar-room floor in Grand Prairie Texas.

And while Attorney General Eric Holder says his administrators have “programs to protect officers”, we couldn’t help but have our doubts as we looked to Jackson Mississippi’s alternative to the pooper-scooper, the tolerance of the most heinous criminals in West Palm Beach, and sentences of “life” for those who should not live in Nashua and Ft. Lauderdale.

And a pile of homosexual news poured out of the closet this week. Like an unpleasant stain on the floor of the Weekly Worldview Studios we navigated deviant fare from Camp Pendleton to New York’s Health Department, to the NAACP, the the UN, and finally to Target Stores lawsuit against immodestly fabulous solicitors in their parking lots!

And the threat from overseas involved another round of rockets for Sderot and Beersheva, another prediction from Iran’s favorite “twelver” and Brazil’s least ethical plastic surgeon.

And then there was John Hinckley Jr., who actually shot the president. But the federal psychocrats and lawyers tell us he’s no threat at all. It may be that Sammy Hagar has uncovered the real problem: aliens!

It will all make sense after you download the podcast…