Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: An Objective Standard

Controversy has erupted over the import of the execution drug Sodium Thiopental, while the domestic production of medical marijuana continues only moderately abated by authorities in Montana. So justice is dead in the water but Americans, (even those who don’t support biblical ideas about justice) are getting stoned nonetheless…

In an effort to preserve his precarious perch atop what might just become the seat of the caliphate, the Saudi king is handing out government largess Chicago style, and in Libya confusion over the Obama administration’s policy sits uncomfortably beside the voices of those crying out for freedom, (or death to America & Israel, or whatever) with the blow somewhat softened by the accuracy of British snipers!

Meanwhile in Israel the bloody tracks from the Fogel household lead right through the offices of the US State Department, and across the perfectly manicured carpet of the Oval office, (of Bubba Bill Jeff Clinton, Bush the lesser, and Barry HO).

And the so called civilized people of the world deny that a baby in the womb is a person, deserving of the right to life, while authorities in San Francisco struggle with how to keep hippie urine off the sidewalks in the Haight, and the current value of life is seen in broad daylight in San Jose.

Ordinary citizens, (and some of the several states) are beginning to prepare an escape valve through which society might be pulled, (as if through fire) when the counterfeiters in congress and the Fed are dragged out from behind their fiat curtain and exposed to the light of day.

Marriage continues to deteriorate under the weight of legalized adultery, pornography and fornication. So the liberal solution is fairly obvious… sex change operations for everyone! Even the Nazis!

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