Conservative Talk: The Weekly Worldview – Get the Point

The UN is waiting for indeterminate extraterrestrials, while the one extraterrestrial they’re actually going to meet is defiled in an alleged art exhibit in Loveland Colorado. And despite the fact the Osama bin Laden has already met Jesus, someone is still cranking out ludicrous recordings of him morphing into Al Gore or Prince Charles, or something like that… Meanwhile, Bary Ho and the democrats are whipped into a frenzy by Hip Hop “artists” B o. B. And B.o.B were invited to the party… unlike the Taliban who are forced to infiltrate the Afghan Defense and police forces, (and they’re doing quite well thank you very much).

And Suicide seems to be the chosen solution whether your a comedian, a chef, a math major, in the army, defiling your college roommate, depressed in Florida, or just a run of the mill Baby Boomer.  But in California there just getting stoned, crossing their fingers and hoping for the best, while Michigan gives them a run for their money in the freak of the week department.

If you’ve managed to follow the blog this far, you’ll be interested in listening to the podcast below to learn more about the neurological disorders that plague other people, how to prevent car chases and graffiti, and finally, how to know how America looks under the rule of the gang from Chicago.

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