Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Agree & Disagree

Will Schnitzel tax fiends rule the day? And will the government schools destroy your child’s mind?  And what of the tattooed bikers, job seekers and other assorted rabble? Who will save America? Well… I’ll take the likes of Billy Graham over the likes of Joe Biden any day!

While the news gives us advice on how to survive a home invasion, the bells have tolled in Indy, Manchester TN, Seattle, L.A. and Virginia. Meanwhile congress puts the label of “intellectually disabled” on someone other than themselves with a straight face and the ACLU is clear about defending terrorists.

But all is not forlorn this week. Chris Christie and the Texas GOP gives us a sense of old time conservatism, even while Charlie Crist and CWA president Wendy Wright remain mired in new fangled confusion. And the “right representative” Jesse Jackson Jr. apologizes for “having coffee” with a woman other than his wife, while a grizzled old Madonna escapes the inevitable ice pick!

Reality TV and plastic surgery combine for a new low this week, while surgery to save the life of the mother proves that killing the baby is NEVER necessary. Personhood warriors threw down the gauntlet to the student council in Colorado. And while MaHAMoud AHAMadinejad confirmed the suspicions of Michael Moore, and others, an Israeli teenagers worm was eating away at his nuclear ambitions.

Indeed these are interesting times that find the princes of the world mumbling to plants and supposedly educated journalists questioning just who parted the Red Sea. It’s all here, if you’ve got the nerve to lend and ear…