Homeschool Heroics

The conservative talk this week was not just all about the continued decline of all that is normal and good, but also the hope that Christian home school families offer to our nation and the world…

In Germany the crackdown against normalcy and Christian home schooling was punctuated by the forced removal, by armed government agents of four home schooled kids from their classroom & their parents home!

Back in America, the level of insanity continues to rise: in Iowa, two leading candidates for Governor bowed in prayer to thank God for the right to kill children. In Georgia a teenager was convicted of murdering an 18 month old baby, and in New Orleans a one-year old girl was killed in her baby sitter’s arms.

The government educrats offered their bright ideas to secure the continued outpouring of God’s blessings upon us and our posterity: Drones! Yes, drones to walk your kids to school. And teachers are moonlighting as prostitutes, just as school districts finalize plans to bring sex education to the kindergarten classroom. And the American president surveys the situation and says, “it’s the right thing to do….”

Reporting from the front lines of the “justice industry” we learn that lawyers and judges in California have somehow convinced the hapless citizens of Santa Clara county to make ready for the release of a serial rapist into their community, and a Montana school teacher who raped his student gets 30 days in jail after she commits suicide.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg married John Roberts over the weekend, (not THAT John Roberts, this one was some queer friend of hers who married another queer, and she merely officiated).

“Scientists” reported this week that we should forget about Genesis: life likely started accidentally kind of on purpose on Mars… we were one of the few news outlets to report their theory WITHOUT a straight face!

Pope Francis bowed to a Moslem monarch in an ominous sign of things to come, while a Christian woman in Pakistan languishes in prison facing death for a blasphemous sip of water and the mention of the name of Jesus Christ instead of the “prophet”.

And finally, the increasingly hysterical homo/artist community in Russia have implied that Vladimir Putin is a closet homosexual, (further cementing our strongly held belief that homosexuality is not only criminal, but that homos are mentally ill).

If you appreciate unflinching conservative talk, you’ll want to grab the podcast below and bask in a brief hour of sanity as you navigate the coming week in an insane world…