Full Circle Idiocy

This week we outstrip all other conservative talk outlets by heeding the advice of Ambassador Alan Keyes, (as delivered live and in person to Denver Bible Church members) and peeling back the veneer of false intellectualism and revealing the underlying core of stupidity & regressive thought that informs post-Christian opinion and action.

The boyhood school of actor James Dean provided a solemn analogy for America’s education establishment and and the influence of actors like James Dean, as it collapsed under the weight of it’s own rot this past week.

Meanwhile the immeasurable grace of God continued to be revealed as a computer operated, driverless car transported a man to the airport after a 33 mile ride!

Bible reading on the internet is booming according to the American Bible Society. A Jewish CNN reporter admits that he can’t tell if Jews, Christians & Muslims worship the same god, but foolish heathen John McCain insists that we do!

Barry HO met with Vladimir Putin by accident as he passed him in a hallway on the way to a bathhouse to meet with homosexual propagandists in St. Petersburg, Russia. And Dick Chaney’s “Lez”daughter, Mary clashed with his “Liz” daughter over the politics of queer marriage & the states ostensible right to violate the enduring commands of the Living God, (which is the non Lez’s position).

The National Right to Life Committee has sent a threatening letter to any legislator who dare question their efforts to teach doctors how to properly murder innocent people,  (all while continuing their main functions: lying while raising money from “pro-life” marks).

In Australia a woman rendered infertile by cancer treatment has regained her fertility via the preservation and implantation of ovarian tissue! And scientists have spent considerable resources to investigate the possibility that unborn babies learn in-utero, (and they have become convinced that indeed they do); further proving the axiom that when the scientist reaches the top of of the mountain, he will find the theologian, already there…

The German police continue to remove children from the homes of Christians who dare to flout Adolph Hitlers law against home-schooling, the “reformist” Pope Francis apparently is having a hard time reforming the practice of quietly shuffling pedophiles around the church; and reason 707 to get your kids out of the public school involves an unnamed California teacher and the tongue of one of his students.

And by the Grace of God paupers today live better than the kings of yesteryear, and in an affront to His Grace; Britain’s government has released another murderer while her legislature was busy surfing for pornography and adultery online.

Finally, a lawyer’s long career of lies and deception, (which had brought him to the rank of judge) was disrupted by a criminal and a toilet tank lid, providing a darkly humorous insight into of the state of justice in America.

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