Every Knee…

Welcome to the Sunday Edition with America’s conservative talk host and his extremely attractive audio engineer!

This week the Army decided to allow traitor Bradley Manning to take advantage of free living accommodations, food and drink, entertainment & education, and even comprehensive healthcare services, but they draw the line at free sex change hormone treatments!

Terrorist Nidal Hassan was convicted and will be judged, Personhood USA shocked buzzfeed by posting a report containing the truth about Planned Parenthood, Shorty Belton survived the battle of Okinawa, but not the American Gross National Product, and a nurse who assaulted and killed babies in the 80’s was sentenced to 159 years, but may walk free soon.

Ireland has murdered it’s first child under their new Orwellian-ly titled: “Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act”, San Diego is a microcosm of modern American political leadership as they will likely replace  their  heterosexual pervert mayor Bob Filner with the homosexual waiting in the wings, and Churches across the country are trying to plot legal strategies to protect themselves from the onslaught of homo-litigation that has already victimized Christian bakers and photographers!

The New Mexico Supreme Court has declared that every Christian knee shall bow before their homosexualist masters, Barry HO is going behind closed doors with a pile of bisexuals, and Vladimir Putin seems to be the lone politician standing up to the gay mafia.

The intelligence infrastructure of the entire western world teeters on the brink because traitor Ed Snowden apparently wanted to impress Glenn Greenwald and his boyfriend, nearly a third of German men think “zero” is the optimum family size, a sports statistician has shamelessly blogged his suicide, and the war against the father and the family claimed at least two more victims

It might not be all “happy, happy happy”, and other conservative talkers may shy away, but here at the Worldview we give it to you… well, STRAIGHT!