Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: How Long oh Lord

Coverage this week includes forgiveness in Tehran, Matt Staver: an expert on process, but out of touch with morality, teachers and principals smoking meth together for your kids, homos announce a solid plan to corrupt four million kids this coming government school year, and McDonalds gets blamed for the liberals sins.

Another weekend bloodbath pours over the heartland as the crime epidemic gets into the swing of summer, Chinese military officials begin a nifty science experiment involving an aircraft carrier, while real American Staff Sgt. James Moran is deemed to have a psychological condition for admitting that homos gross him out!

And the Islamists are taking over Egypt right on cue, (wonder if Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper will visit for coverage of the people’s caliphate)? But you can bet they’ll be there to cover the atheists whining about the 9/11 cross!

Meanwhile mad scientists continue to usher in the ultimate judgment of God by creating human/animal hybrid embryos and putting mankind on a course to harvest and consume innocent children in order to feel better. And while we may be alone in the universe for now, believe me, it won’t be long before we’re joined by the Army of Jesus Christ, coming with wrath and vengeance for these evil-doers.

And then there’s “Fast and Furious”, a scandal that would have put any conservative in jail by now… but who’s paying attention?

Enjoy the podcast folks!