Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Purge of Wisdom

This week the pulse of Conservative Talk on the Web is bursting at the seams with news and godly insight as to the real reason America is no longer exceptional… now we’re just “Standard & Poor”…and how we might return to being the former.

Starting with Dolly Parton begging pardon for her staff’s insistence that a deviant “Dollywood” visitor refrain from wearing a t-shirt implying that normal marriage is somehow less desirable that a destructive and wicked homosexual lifestyle, we move on to Marvel Comics implying that being black or Mexican somehow equates to being a queer, (at least as far as their new “Spiderman” goes)

And then there’s the United Methodists offering up a lesbian nativity, and Rick Perry, the governor of Texas and potential evangelical president in the mold of George W. Bush.

The TSA seems more concerned with trans-gendered sensitivity training that preventing the next terrorist attack, and the Sao Paulo city council is in a fight to establish a “heterosexual pride day”, as if we needed that…. and if we do, then what in the world has happened to normalcy in Brazil and beyond!

Teachers and Parents head up this weeks panoply of untrained, undisciplined morons exchanging the wisdom of our forefathers for a fantasy of self indulgence that’s taking the culture to the rim of hell. And the Air Force runs for cover the minute an unwashed heathen raises a stink about a course for military officers on Christian Just War Theory.

And there’s murder and mayhem from Rapid City to Augusta Georgia, to Staten Island. While in Vermont the “Just-a System” holds fast to legal doctrine while abandoning justice.

And the historic American credit downgrade appears to be stripping the veneer of credibility that was the last tether of our civilization to fiscal solvency, and this may just be the first act in a global tragedy of biblical proportions…

On the bright side, the Christian remnant in Montana has prevailed upon their state with yet another Personhood Initiative, and signature gathering has commenced in what we hope will be noted as the surprising little movement that helped save us all from destruction or the Caliphate!

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