Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Humanist Enemies

And we don’t mean the generally annoying, stupid,bow-tie clad mental midgets that frequent the airwaves. I mean genuine enemies of all that is right and good! The secular humanists who have seized Western Civilization and are hell bent on it’s destruction, (and we don’t mean Michael Vick).

2011 begins with inauspicious announcements from fallen stars, and studies suggesting they’re dragging us all down with them, pro life “industry” professional weighing the right to life of every child versus tried and true fund raising  campaigns,  justice perverted and the bitter fruit it produces, death panels, and a reward for the Moslem killers.

Meanwhile the sordid, creepy, and filthy underbelly of the Playboy mansion (and the tyrant who runs it) are exposed by the whores he used, who used his money, who used each other up. And we get a glimpse even further into the mire via a new website promoting “friendship” amongst the open deviants reported to have no meaningful effect on our military. But don’t worry folks, perhaps our good friends in China will provide military cover should we need it…

And while the anarchists and subversives are competing with the Islamists for top billing amongst those destroying the Christian world, we know here that is the humanists who are the ultimate enemy. Find out why, and what you must do about it by listening to the podcast below.