Conservative Talk-The Weekly Workview: Pardon My Resignation

The year has come to a merciful end, but not before Ted Kennedy dealt one more not so subtle insult to May Jo Kopechne. And the rest of us felt the insulting sting of bad government and bad behavior as the prison industry cashed in on the stimulus in Alabama, New York cab drivers were wrapped in up-armored Kevlar vests, we were told to keep our smart phones and our views on normal sex and marriage in the closet!

And in paradise lost, the Voodoo priests of Haiti are hoist by their own petard while Jamaicans have produced their own translation of the King James Bible! But Barry and his M.O. chose Hawaii for the Obama family vacation, but were unable to escape the acrid trail of fecal matter that seems to follow them about these days.

And the sodomizing of the military continues, though fortunately the majority of America’s young people are either too fat or too stupid to qualify for this particular course in “gay” indoctrination. But all is not lost in that more than one staff officer, (and perhaps others) are threatening to leave the service rather than bow the knee to Caligula. Even as the UN insists being queer is like being “ethnic“, we beg to differ…

And Americans, Christian Americans especially need to wake up to the fact that our military is being used by devious and ignorant politicians as an instrument to preserve oppressive Moslem cultures that may be better left to destroy themselves.

And if a “Juden -Frei” Palestine is on your wish list, along with cat & dog skin, EU bonds and other forms of naked insanity; then you’ll feel right at home with Hamas, Hezbollah, the likes of Rahm Emanuel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, global warming misfits, the EPA, and the FCC. But it’s not the last days of Berlin yet folks, no matter how decadent he ruling class insists on acting. Give a listen to the podcast and recieve news of hope for the New Year!