Hyperbolic Encouragement

It’s a special Friday edition of America’s most entertaining conservative talk host, joined with musical accompaniment by his extremely attractive audio engineer!

This week we cover a judge who declared Jesus Christ the Messiah in open court, our suggestions for the Hyperloop, Christian persecution in Egypt, Russia’s anti-homosexual propaganda law as viewed by the lisping and non-lisping classes, the cover up of Benghazi, and the homo-freak meltdown that has become of the California governor’s office & school system.

Speaking of the evil, vile, destructive, damnable government schools, we also cover reasons 698-701 to keep your kids out of the godless, filthy, hell-bound government schools… and it’s everything from teachers protecting child molesters, to kicking parents to the curb, and enlisting bullet proof accessories for the teachers. It’s simply madness, and we express our shock at the blindness & stupidity of the average American parent…

We cover Robots, robotic police, FBI criminals, queer traitors, puppy killers and Oprah’s BIG lie!

It’s all here in the podcast; so download, sit back, shut up and hang on!