Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Intervention

We were one of the first conservative talk shows to to reveal the rank hypocrisy of the “med stream media” in letting Eric Holder off the hook for making sure Politico got his letter apologizing for the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry before his family got a copy… we will not be the last. But rest assured we will be only conservative talk show cross-linking it accurately to the web of lies and corruption that have turned even conservatives…. well,…. liberal!

Some examples of the aforementioned rank hypocrisy, lies and corruption, (not necessarily in that order) covered this week include Barry Ho’s two pronged attack on both Smallpox, and the need for 2012 campaign cash, Penn State’s idol worship, collegiate queer seduction, and the utter failure of the just-a-system at Ft. Hood.

And then there’s the general fired for speaking the truth about Afghanistan, and polls that might lead you to believe we’re winning, or that RE-publicans are somehow more righteous than Democrats. (And by “we” we mean normal people, you know… the Christians…) well you’re wrong on both counts Gallup.

Meanwhile in Texas a man targeted by thieves is raped, a 4 year old boy in New York is shot, and a 73 year old Indiana woman is murdered for her jewelry. And the lawyers running America’s just-a-system tell you and other listeners of the more popular conservative talk shows (and Fox News) that “we’ve got the best system in the world”. Well, we ain’t buyin’ it!

While the so called “Palestinians” refuse to give up their wicked pursuit of the right to destroy Israel and kill all the Jews, Personhood advocates come within striking distance in Mississippi and in Ohio (and elsewhere), vow never to give up as well. It’s up to you to decide which team you’re rooting for…

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