Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Taking Sides

While press secretary Jay “skip” Carney may have no idea as to what’s in Bible or not, you can bet that the host of the fastest moving conservative talk show online knows what’s up.

The Mohammedans are firebombing in France and beheading in Saudi Arabia, while Western Civilization is frittered away by lawyers in a just-a-system that insists on tracking wife beaters and child molesters instead of simply addressing the problems with justice.

And the Catholic Bishops apparently think bringing a concealed weapon to church is an “act of violence“, but standing up for the Personhood of the unborn child is a vague and risky proposition that shouldn’t be undertaken hastily, and not without the consultation of the aforementioned lawyers

And we poked a little more fun at Barry and his puppeteers this week regarding a demand from real life wild west Sheriff Joe Arpaio from Arizona that the state of Hawaii produce the microfiche original birth certificate that surely resides somewhere deep in the bowels of the Aloha state’s bureaucracy!

And what conservative talk show would be complete without promoting a book by a Navy Seal, (and a theory as to just who “Seal Team Six” is… government diapers, Barry’s nicotine withdrawal syndrome, and Nancy Pelosi’s latest attempt to hide her “inner ugly” with plastic surgery!


It’s all here folks, just bubbling up from the podcast below!