Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview: Mistaken Assumptions


Three cheers to the US Navy for successfully shooting down a drone with a laser! Unfortunately Charlie Rangle was in Harlem at the time… And Moslems in Indonesia have been praying in the wrong direction! They have been instructed to shift their back side south-east in order to properly address their phony god. Four Iranian MPs claim they’ll soon be praying from Gaza, North Korea threatens to go nuclear, and Moslems will be saluting the PLO flag in Washington sooner than you might have thought.


Seems Hillary Clinton and her minions lobbied for the release of the Lockerbie Bomber to the ostensible shock and sadness of Barry Ho. In an as yet unrelated story “Kings of Leon” were driven from the stage in St. Louis by Pigeons who may or may not be supplying work materials for the US State Department. And more than one governor is beginning to use the “S” word in regards to his states relationship with Barry Ho and his ruling class, (we meant “secession”, but o.k, yeah…., that too).


Pan-theists and pagans alike are torn this week between worshiping trees or the fungus that is killing them. (And then there’s the “Kings of Leon” show, introducing yet another candidate for their worship). And then there’s Lance Armstrong and his adamant denial of doping. While we’re not prepared to render judgment on how it was that a cancer survivor won the most physically challenging race in the world 6 times straight, we are prepared to comment on Lance’s status as a world class dirt-bag when it comes to his family, and an ignorant fool when it comes to the destiny of his eternal soul, (sans spandex pants). And then there’s poor Lindsay Lohan…. on her way to a rough patch of road ending in a fiery crash with no one shouting a warning. No one that is except your humble host, and our indomitable staff here at the Weekly Worldview. For your listening pleasure below…

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