Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: National Security

Is there even one among us who hasn’t considered taking justice into his own hands? And what of our own defense, both personal and national? Are we to lay back and enjoy it while our Marines are forced to dance with Barney Frank and coddle Bradley Manning, even while our sworn enemies in North Korea shake us down for protection money, and the Chinese devise plans to project their military power right under the noses of our leaders (who won’t ask, nor be told). Indeed the days of tolerance of homosexuals are past, and the days of promotion and celebration are upon us, so watch your back!

And while the police work bravely to stem the tide of a criminal epidemic that has accompanied the ascension of homosexuality, fornication, atheism and child killing; justice becomes scarce and perverted. From Cincinnati to Sacramento, from France to Houston, and from Long Beach to Vacaville, and right on down to McAlester Oklahoma;  one just outcome in six, (or more likely six hundred) is the best we can hope for these days…

Our enemies are emboldened. Our women speak foolishness. Our Government pursues harm. Our culture is laid waste. And all the while the greatest outcry is against the condemnation of the deviant.

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