Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Personhood, Patriots and Parasites

Personhood Marches Past the Parasites

And we’ve located the Joel Osteen Lesbian Prayer and added it to the Blogroll links on your left. Thanks to the extremely intelligent and handsome Jason K for his fine work!

Personhood Colorado and their persistent army of crusaders have returned Personhood to the ballot in Colorado, despite the apathy of Big Evangelicals, schizophrenics, MBAs and the like. All this while one first lady is questioned about her suitability for office, (pants-suits notwithstanding), and another bemoans the fat kids whose diets her big government portends to regulate. It’s enough to make a “medical” marijuana dealer head for a big dive off the golden gate!

Preachers, Poser, Pyros and Pagans

The ACLU is set to open up a new career path for one professor who’s clouded his classroom with something that will not be tolerated on the campi of modern academia… a suggestion that there is objective truth, deviant behavior, and a creator. And Moslems are up in arms over the full body scan at your local airport, (and rightly so) but are probably not amenable to the logical solution to their co-religionists terrorist ways; striking fear into the hearts of Moslem terrorists and the civilian populations that support and breed them with devastating military attacks on the cities, towns and families from which they proceed. It’s almost as ironic as the ATF investigating church fires in Texas… but then again, they can claim some expertise in the activity.

A Slightly Cooler Funeral Pyre

Put a fork in England… Now that the pagans there have won the right to be burned upon traditional Hindu funeral pyres and the climate change fear mongers have crashed and burned, we have a poignant emblem of smoking wreckage to replace the Union Jack as they follow the rest of the post Christian west into oblivion. So sad…


Meanwhile the state of justice and domestic tranquility continues to devolve. Leaving death row inmates subject to the whiles of old age, tenured professors threatened by non-tenured ones, wives murdered by estranged husbands, Iowa farms soaked in innocent blood and Las Vegas a place where one can lose more than just wages! And hapless law-enforcement, crippled by a generation of defeatism is forced to mend around the edges instead of ending the bloodshed as the surely want, (and have the ability) to do. All this and more packed into the most exhilarating hour of conservative talk you’ll find anywhere. Just hit the link below and fasten your seatbelt!

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