Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Soul Train

While the pagans chase ghosts the Pakistatni’s are under the judgment of… not God, but the Taliban! And the Marines are finally speaking up about the near hopeless situation in Afghanistan, but maybe it’s too late to contain the Islamic killers and the IslamaBomb, (whose fuse was lit in 1998 by the aforementioned Pakistanis).

And Paris Hilton has yet to meet Flip Benham, (but has apparently found a coke connection in Vegas). Is it any wonder she laughs at the idea of justice and punishment for her behavior? The Justice department is seeking Ebonics linguists, but at last report had no interest in seeking justice. And while justice resembles an abused step-child, or an abandoned pet, domestic tranquility fled away in Baltimore, Florida, Vegas, PA, and West Hollywood.

And while two heads of the monster discussed the economy over golf, and a Pall Mall or two, Jerusalem was on the mind of the Humanist in Chief. All this while GW Bush has another homo fall out of the closet of his less than conservative administration. And then a talk show host who rose to fame with a secular format and an Alaskan moose hunter find themselves tasked with issuing a wake up call to conservatives.

It’s all enough to make one ponder the greater implications of the Hindenburg Omen and the crash that awaits. But be of good cheer and enjoy the show as we careen toward destiny together!

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