Conservative Talk-The Weekly Worldview:News We Don’t Deserve

While your humble host pontificates on the ravages of disease striking Rush fans in disproportionate numbers when compared to the population at large, ACLU pat downs, and disposable toilet seats, Democrat candidates get a taste of what they deserve! And West Point gets rid if what it doesn’t! Prince Charles’ hints he’s discovered showering, Al Gore has a plan to meet chicks, a psycho astronaut may be fired, and Ann Coulter’s Adam’s Apple isn’t the only sign she likes liberals.

Meanwhile, “the man” can’t keep a brotha like Barry off Martha’s Vineyard, or the golf course, or the beach in Florida, or the beach in Spain, or the golf course again, the beach, and then the golf course again… and he can’t make him shut up about the Ground Zero Mosque either!

And while liberals rightly condemn the Taliban and the Saudi’s for their perversion of Godly Justice, they seem to think injustice is the logical alternative. But news from Oklahoma City, Huntsville & Point Blank TX, Rosemead, CA, The Edisto River, and Las Vegas indicate the liberal cure is worse than the disease.

All this while the nuclear reactor at Bushehr in Iran is burning, (and not in a good way). But worry not! While the Justice Department and Panetta may not know what to do about a skinny, pale queer putting America’s intelligence capabilities and their agents in mortal danger; they are  feverishly preparing to begin considering a preliminary plan to establish the basis for a theoretical timetable to form a committee to figure out what’s going on regarding uranium and Allah, and why it’s really no threat to those pesky Jews.

It’s all enough to make one consider the less than immortal words of David Lee Roth circa 1984… you might as well jump!

Enjoy the show and send it to at least one friend and one foe, or you’ll break the chain and have seven years of boredom and listlessness…

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