Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Saving the Day

Here we are at the dawn of 2012, and whether you’re an apocalyptic neo-Mayan, a lying politician, a Tim Tebow fan, or just your average slack-jawed millennial working man; our conservative talk show has something for you this week!

PETA is putting up memorials for cows killed but not eaten, (which we find sad as well). Vancouver is giving crack-heads everything they need to kill themselves, (except the crack). And the western governments are debating what might possibly cause them to maybe consider preemptively striking Iran’s nuclear facilities. (We just hope “preemptive” remains an operative term).

And in Pakistan the same intelligence agency that built Osama his hideout is on the verge of taking over for the Islamofacists made so popular on CNN’s “Arab Spring” coverage.

Meanwhile, in America, the last great hope of western civilization is drenched in the blood of innocents, killed for the most part at the hands of their own family members and trusted friends, (all this brought to you by a Just-a-System that’s made an industry of crime).

On the Personhood front: Planned Parenthood tops a billion dollars in assets, (with nearly half of that coming from our federal government, who for years has assured us they’d never allow tax dollars to be used to kill babies). Two child killers have been arrested in Maryland, but not for killing babies per se, but for violating the “murder regulations” foisted upon us by the rapidly perishing pro-life industry).

But Rick Perry has allegedly seen the light, and at the tender age of 61 now realizes that a baby should not be killed for the sins of his father. Must have been a lack of attention by other “conservative” talk show hosts who’ve interviewed him, along with all those years in the United Methodist church that left him sorely lacking… But where there’s life there’s hope, (but not enough to gain our endorsement).

In China the one child policy is cracking up. In America the light bulb’s are going out. In New Jersey Chuck Schumers dim-witted brother in law’s landed a sweet patronage job. And in the Atlantic, vacationers are lining up to relive the glitz and glamor of the Titanic’s maiden voyage.

Enjoy the podcast folks…