Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: The Big Questions

Doug McBurney and his unique brand of conservative talk returns to the cyber airwaves, in hopes of pulling you people back from the F*$¢%l Cliff distraction to help you focus on the BIG questions that really matter!

This week we ask some smaller questions too… like why are the families of Navy Seal Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty begging to know what happened at Benghazi, but Ambassador Steven’s family appears uninterested? And why was Lord Monkton evicted from the UNclimate summit? And why was Barry Ho doing a Saddam Hussein “Baby Milk Factory” imitation with his “Toy Factory” speech?

Meanwhile Steven Speilberg and Doris Kearns Goodwin likely disagree on plagiarism, but neither seem to be bothered that Abe Lincoln and his comrades have been portrayed as foul mouthed politicians in the Rahm Emmanuel mold…

Marco Rubio embarrassed himself on the BIGGEST question of the week regarding the age of the earth, and seems to confuse “science” with one or more members of the Eternal Holy Trinity. And with Marco dissembling, we’ve got the homosexualists advancing on all fronts, including personal wealth, media celebration, Supreme Court influence & presidential influence. All this while one particular millennial wash-out was seething like a puss filled nodule on the heart of West Point!

And then there’s the Marine Corps abandonment of traditional chaplains, prayer and Bibles in favor of “meditation training“, advice to the RE-publican party to further abandon those pesky little “social issues” or abandon all hope of political victory with the younger generation, and the Moslem Brotherhood’s penetration of America’s government at the highest levels, and finally…

lingering questions and facts that don’t match the official story behind the alleged killing of Osama bin Laden.

Maybe you didn’t hear it here first, but when you hear it here, at least you know what to think about it! Download this weeks mega-dose of conservative talk at the link below.