Conservative Talk – The Worldview: Normalized

The horror of the Newtown massacre will dominate all conservative talk in the days to come. We feel compelled at the Worldview to say, “we have the answer…” or at least we know a man who does…

We report on the murder suicides your heard about, the ones pushed below the fold, and the continued threats.

And with the level of bloodshed in America reaching yet another horrific crescendo, we examine the reasons and the answers to why we are here and how to get to where we need to be.

All this against the backdrop of a France normalizing thoughts of suicide, a United Kingdom legalizing homosexual “marriage“, the Dutch trying to stop kids from smoking dope at school, the sad fruit of a society and a family adrift in Godlessness in Michigan, and “Choose Life” is deemed unconstitutional, (unless “choose murder” gets equal time) in North Carolina.

And while Tim Tebow remains in purgatory somewhere between Manhattan & the Meadowlands, Robert Griffin III gives the best advice we heard all week… Fear God!

But the children continue to be taught a lie… that self mutilation and rebellion are heroic.

And their heathen parents continue the wholesale hand-over of civilization to the government-media complex who are caught partying in the face of missile launches, recognize Islamist terrorists as legitimate,  tell the Army not to insult homosexuals, pedophiles, or even the Taliban, and believe Hillary when she says she can’t testify on Benghazi because the dog ate her homework, (or gave her a concussion, or a stomach virus or some such tripe).

And while Soros, Buffet and other Evil Rich conspire to stifle their competition, and the Eurocrats scream about free people fleeing their sinking domain… Here in America, the innocent blood continues to flow.

Normally I’d laugh, and say enjoy the conservative talk offered on our podcast, but this week let’s just leave it at “please download the podcast”.