Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Useful Idiots

Tune in and find out who have become the most useful of the useful idiots advancing the “Occupy” agenda of self absorbed suicide disgiused as a “movement”, (and it’s not George Soros, the perverts in the tents, or even Michael Moore), but RE-publican politicians, Fox News pundits & conservative talk show hosts we all know and love.

And why would Israel release a thousand killers for one soldier? Get the story here, and please get back to me if you can figure it out…

And while an abortion clinic in Philly has been shut down and it’s employees have plead guilty to murder, (and even the abortionist himself may face murder charges), the great state of Mississippi is set to deal the shock of the young century to the highest levels of the leftist cabal that highjacked western civilization.

That’s right, Personhood for all potential victims of the greatest holocaust in history. And while the left may scurry to shift the debate to a new lie, the irradiating light of Personhood will find its way into the deepest crevices secreting the greatest criminals of our generation. For some it will show them the light. For others it will be a consuming fire.
Meanwhile the same Chinese we are told will one day soon overcome us economically are being duped into buying Euro-Bonds, (and US treasury bonds for that matter), and will likely be left holding the bag when the Ponzi Scheme collapses. But remember, China was foolish enough to buy into Planned Parenthood’s “one-child” policy back in the 70’s, so maybe they’re global dominance is not  as inevitable as we’ve been led to believe…

The rich get richer, and the stupid whine about injustice from the tent their mom bought them, and the occupy “movement” continues to be a general embarrassment for those of us busy working for a living. But the neo-hippies and their whining from Wall Street to Oakland (and especially in Europe) could end in bloodshed, so we need to pay attention to them, (but our attention should be toward sending them home, cleaning them up and telling them to grow up! It should not be squandering our precious conservative talk show minutes displaying their contrived antics.

And just when you thought there were no Christians left in Europe, a group of well dressed coreligionists have thrown stink bombs on a pack of filthy unwashed, prideful heathens at a play mocking Jesus Christ. All we can do is report… and applaud, and hope that the remnant in Europe, along with her American cousin can bring these hopelessly lost fools to a better understanding of why God wants to love them. At the same time clearly stating that if they hate Him, and curse His name and the name of His Son, he will not interfere with their suicide.

And while the finest minds in science busy themselves in the study of soda-pop as a key to understanding the behavior of children, your host (of the most aggressive conservative talk show extant) points out 5 simple keys for free that will help any expectant parent get off on the right path to successful child-rearing.

And we will need this knowledge in our battle against the hippies, the freaks, the deviants, the garden variety sodomites, the progressives, the theives, the socialists and the rest who threaten to abuse and kill our children!

Download the podcast below and be edified and entertained my friend…