Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: What You Deserve

Your favorite conservative talk host returns a bit more bitter and a lot more jaded, desperate to save family and church from the Humanists, the Moslems and socialist, neo-pagan RE-publicans…

Doug McBurney is at the end of his rope discussing Sudan’s refusal to allow American Marines to defend our embassy there, but finds some solace in the beating down of a satanic moslem “cleric” by an Iranian woman who should be giving seminars at the State Department on how to deal with anti-western tension!

Egyptian Ayatollah-President Mohammed Morsi is calling for a ban on free speech, while Barry Ho and Hillary Clinton flagellate themselves and their Americans for the offensive nature of Christian liberty as practiced outside the Burqua imposing goat molesting cultures of the “religion of peace”…

The average American moron, (along with the majority of the MED stream media) are perplexed by the escalating tension between China and Japan over a few uninhabited islands… Hear Dug explain why everything you’ve heard about the Chinese economic miracle is about to be revealed for the bloody communist lie it was, and how the dictators there are desperate to deflect attention from their lying, murderous thieving reign.

Meanwhile at the government school where you send your innocent daughter, teachers and nurses are now passing out the abortion pills in public,(breaking with their tradition of only giving them personally to the girls they seduce and molest).

And from the “science… really?” file… Gerbils are being injected with the flesh of murdered people so deaf geezers might one day enjoy their classic rock again, while delusional French Envirocrats are busy spending their grand children’s inheritance trying to fly airplanes with horse bedding, straw and wood chips!

Then there’s the “quote approval policy”, (formerly known as LYING) that the med stream media has allowed right under our noses as the two political parties have devolved with the press into one dissembling mass of regurgitated slop!

And while RomneRyanObamaBiden avoid all talk of social issues, (until the debates at least) in Wisconsin the domestic tranquility of a grandmother was shattered by her great grandson, a hatchet and a hammer. Murder and suicide are epidemic, but false prophets like Colorado “pastor” Gino Geraci insist that if we focus on our pocketbooks and elect the child killing, fag marrying, socialist, pagan RE-publican we will be doing right in the eyes of a Holy God, (who is watching by the way).

Kato Kaelin says OJ did it, the new homosexualized military passes its first test, Monica Lewinski admits she killed her baby, and Scott Brown swoops in to save the RE-publican party from Elizabeth Warren… but he’s disguised as Ted Kennedy!

It’s all here folks, the most conservative talk anywhere… enjoy the podcast below.