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From Adrenaline to  AlGore

As the culture of the once vaunted west lunges aimlessly between irrelevance and self destruction a thin cord of sanity keeps affixed the sinew to bone of the body politic, but the attachment is ever more tenuous indeed…

A blessed series of inconvenient truths kept AlGore (and his minions not yet disgraced by their criminal negligence in scientific endeavor) out of view over the winter. But the would be overlord of Anthropogenic Global Warming showed his literary face this week on the friendly pages of Pinchy’s Times.

Yes, as predictable as the March thaw is his appearance to prop up the extensive intellectual investment he’s made in the global warming hoax, (not to mention the carbon credit industry into which he invested some of his, and lots of other people’s money. An industry for which he’ll be the prototypical Capitan, or go down with the ship.

Marion, Harry-n-Barry

Marion Barry may have made a deal with ethics investigators to avoid yet a further fall from grace, (is there is a state of grace at so low a point in one’s existence), it seems that the Tea Party’s hero Scott Brown has made a deal with a much darker figure, down at the cross-roads with that old devil… Harry Reid, (a man from whom the original Devil is rumored to be taking lessons).

He Blinded me With Sighings

As comedians and talk show host mourn the passing of David Paterson’s promising criminal career, New York residents breathe a sigh of relief… That is until they catch themselves looking over their shoulder at that shadowy figure on their left.

A Toy, a Tax, a Poison & a Prodigal

The US Government’s economic offensive in the east has successfully brought Toyota executives before a panel of our most distinguished thieves, liars and cheats, where they managed to look dignified despite their surroundings.

Imagine the irony of facing an organization that funnels billions into an organization that dehumanizes and murders millions innocent Americans, and then being grilled about how your product may have scared, injured or allegedly killed perhaps a dozen or so! It’s enough to make Toyoda’s son and heir to the throne follow the course of the Son of Hamas, (and start spying outright for GM).

And by the way, that organization I mentioned, founded by Margaret Sanger and supported by our tax dollars is now plotting an all out chemical attack against American Children. Hamas’ got nothing on the Sangerites.

And All the Fits, New to Print

There’s the Taliban B-Team blowing themselves up; Barry Ho’s potential Aryan, I mean Iranian tea party; Tree bombers, cat killers, birther stunners, and of Course Smoke on the Water..

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Doug McBurney