Conservative Talk – The Worldview: Confession vs Profession

Get the news the other conservative talk hosts missed, (or misinterpreted) right here at the most important podcast in the history of the Web!

Tune in to the podcast below to hear how the NAACP wants to shut down the lottery, and we agree! Find out why Jimmy Carter isn’t qualified to comment on war or peace, why Eric Holder should be dragged from the House floor in handcuffs, and why marijuana is not good medicine.

We discuss the murder of a 7 year old at her lemonade stand in Chicago, and Rahm Emanuel’s hypocritical response, the Supreme Court’s fateful decisions, and why they should all be banished to Malta (or worse), how Black Sabbath’s “Suicide Solution” turned out to be a modern day heathen prophecy, and what should be done about all the swearing and vulgarity engulfing the public square.

And what would a good conservative talk show be without a continuing documentation of “pouring out of the closet” of homosexuals by the pile. Whether they be taking their boyfriend to the Marine Corpse Ball or being arrested for child porn after years of distinguished service advocating the defilement of themselves and their neighbors.

But then Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise prove once again that you need not be a queer to defile the institution of marriage. And on top of that Barry Ho has won a poll regarding space aliens that we’re certain here at the Worldview is a harbinger of things to come for the hapless Romney campaign.

But alas when all seemed lost we discovered that the confessing church is alive and well within the Personhood movement, as the young, vibrant advocates of the right of every innocent person to live began taking the political scalps of “personhood obstructionists” of varying political persuasions…

And in Mississippi, where the pro-lifer’s were said to have lost, the only abortion clinic in the state teeters on the verge of oblivion! While the people of China are in an uproar over the viscous butchering of a 7 month old baby, and the policy of child killing threatens to upend a Chinese governement thought to be the next super power, but in reality is a house of cards.

Folks, the whole idea of the wicked ruling over us; whether it be socialized medicine, legalized child killing, or tolerance for public displays of immorality is but an illusion, empowered by the fear of the “professing” church. When the Confessing Church stands up with heavenly ideas, we will lead the professing church back into the light, the righteous will rule, and there will be justice!

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