Doug Sits in for Bob Enyart on Denver Radio

Catch a power packed half hour of conservative Talk as your humble host sits in on the fifty thousand watt blowtorch for the Gospel, AM 670 KLTT in Denver!

* A Personhood Challenge: Bob Enyart’s guest host Doug McBurney is challenging everyone listening in Colorado who has signed the petition to join him this Sunday petitioning for the most significant social movement of your generation.

First, get yourself a standard clip-board, a blank sheet of paper, and a pen. Write or print in big black letters on the sheet of paper – “Pro-Life Petition”. Then tape that paper to the back of the clip-board.
Then call 303-456-2800, or go to to find out where to get a blank petition. Clip it on the clip-board.
Now, take it to church this Sunday, and after service, simply stand outside the exit, hold up your clipboard, and ask registered voters to help put the pro-life issue on the ballot in November!

* Can’t do that? Please do this: Call 303-456-2800 and volunteer to scan petitions at the Personhood headquarters. Petition are coming in daily and we need pro-life warriors like you to man the scanner and capture for posterity, (and the Secretary of State) the historic awakening of the Body of Christ in Colorado!

* Why the Hell? Bob’s guest host asks the question, “why must people go to hell”? Could there be another way? Why would an all loving, all powerful God find it necessary to cast the unrepentant into an eternal prison where there is suffering forever? Mary from Denver provides her perspective in a great call. Then Doug provides his thoughts on the matter.

* The Threefold Cord ‘round Romney: Some are certain that Mitt Romney will lose in November, even though today’s conventional wisdom says he has a reasonable chance at winning. Tune in to discover the three fatal “flaws” with Mitt that Bob’s guest host contends will mean a second term for Barack Obama.

* What, were we supposed to be surprised? Anderson Cooper has announced that not only is he actively engaged in sin, but that he proudly identifies himself with his sin, and in doing so encourages other to partake in his sin. This brings us back right back ‘round to the first question…

* The Personhood signature Deadline is upon us! Forget all the talk! (Even the conservative talk)! It’s time for action. Please call 303-456-2800, or go to to turn in your signatures and pick up a blank petition. The final push is here and we’re shouting Glory all the way to victory!

* Personhood signature Resource: Find out about events all over Colorado at which you can gather signatures for Colorado’s Personhood Initiative at the Colorado Personhood Coalition Events Calendar!