CVonservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: You Judge!

Just off hiatus in California, (which appears to be generally closed for business) your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer confront a plethora of less than comfortable subject matter for your edification and entertainment.

There’s Ann Coulter almost confirming our suspicions about her moral proclivities, (but among the GOProud crown there’s always lingering questions….) And Bert & Earnie are the latest characters to be lumped in with the homos, (or at least tossed on the pile).

Colleges across the nation are back in session and the further destruction of all that is good in Western Civilization is in the cross hairs of the deviants on staff, and government cheese is on the minds of the hungry students when their not trying to outrun the professors trying to get them in the sack….

The Libertarians are building independent island nations, and as usual they almost get it right. And the Atheists have won the right to host a godless concert at Ft. Bragg. No telling if Pat Robertson will pray for rain.

A new report indicates aliens may destroy us all for our light bulbs and CO2 emissions, (but we think they’d more likely be provoked by watching the progress of Tucson Massacre killer Jared Lee Loughner, or the release of the West Memphis Three, or the state of modern child rearing in Texas, (our last hope indeed)!

And Barry Ho is considering becoming a landlord to millions while he talks to Warren Buffet about things other than shoring up Bank of America. And Joe Biden accidentally admits he’s for killing children but that he mostly disagrees with Chinese methods, (although he completely understands).

And as private industry works to replace the bloated and dilusional beaurocrats at NASA, Iran is threatening to wipe out Israel, and it seems their actually planning an UNvote onit in the fall. And a hard fall it’s going to be.

Enjoy the podcast my friend…