Dim New World

Tune in for an update on the state of reality in the hands of the single white female, along with contributions from the incompetent, the frightened, and the criminally insane.

Hunter and Joe Biden are traitors for money, China’s population is declining due to more that state sponsored murder of rivals to the CCP, and while the “robber” of Seth Rich didn’t get his watch or his wallet, the FBI got both his laptops!

Legacy media is timidly wondering who fronted the fake $250M bond for Sammy Bankman Fried, rappers and murderer mock justice, doing dope deals in court, and the Pro-Life industry seems poised to march in perpetuity for the right to regulate child killing state-by-state.

The Supreme Court’s Inspector Clouseau failed to identify either of the two female, lesbian leakers in the Dobbs decision case, Astrophysics is paralyzed by Single Woke Female professor Natalie Gosnell, and the American experiment in self government will end with the lesson that single, childless women must not be allowed to choose who rules over us.

We honor Philadelphia Flyer Ivan Provorov for his Russian (Orthodox Christian) Interference against “pride” night, the guy in the “Jesus Saves, No Coexist” T-Shirt at the mall of America, and anyone who is willing to stand with us in having a major problem with drag shows, whether kids are involved or not!

Students shoots teacher, and teacher molests students, providing lessons from multiple perspectives as to why to keep your kids out of the government schools!

David Crosby has died and gone to Hell without ever having written a decent song, and L.A.hit and run maniac got justice from “the universe” and another incident of sexual immorality ended in a massacre/suicide last week.

All that plus a Fox exec and a surfer dropping dead suddenly lie happens all the time…while Donald Trump claims to have saved 100 million lives, (and counting)!