Dim New World

Tune in for an update on the state of reality in the hands of the single white female, along with contributions from the incompetent, the frightened, and the criminally insane.

Hunter and Joe Biden are traitors for money, China’s population is declining due to more that state sponsored murder of rivals to the CCP, and while the “robber” of Seth Rich didn’t get his watch or his wallet, the FBI got both his laptops!

Legacy media is timidly wondering who fronted the fake $250M bond for Sammy Bankman Fried, rappers and murderer mock justice, doing dope deals in court, and the Pro-Life industry seems poised to march in perpetuity for the right to regulate child killing state-by-state.

The Supreme Court’s Inspector Clouseau failed to identify either of the two female, lesbian leakers in the Dobbs decision case, Astrophysics is paralyzed by Single Woke Female professor Natalie Gosnell, and the American experiment in self government will end with the lesson that single, childless women must not be allowed to choose who rules over us.

We honor Philadelphia Flyer Ivan Provorov for his Russian (Orthodox Christian) Interference against “pride” night, the guy in the “Jesus Saves, No Coexist” T-Shirt at the mall of America, and anyone who is willing to stand with us in having a major problem with drag shows, whether kids are involved or not!

Students shoots teacher, and teacher molests students, providing lessons from multiple perspectives as to why to keep your kids out of the government schools!

David Crosby has died and gone to Hell without ever having written a decent song, and L.A.hit and run maniac got justice from “the universe” and another incident of sexual immorality ended in a massacre/suicide last week.

All that plus a Fox exec and a surfer dropping dead suddenly lie happens all the time…while Donald Trump claims to have saved 100 million lives, (and counting)!



The Big Take-Back

Listen in to  America’s most attractive audio engineer and the host with whom she kept her 3 kids, and never gave the creeps and bastards a chance to take ’em!

Join us in thanking Kirk Cameron & promoting his Homeschool Awakening movie and cultural event!  Buy tickets and find out why we home-schooled ours, and how you can home-school yours!

Follow us through Tiananmen Square 33 years on, to communists bribing RE-publican governor Kristi Noem’s children with government cheese, to a church parking lot in Iowa where mass murder is just a part of the scenery.

We’ll visit San Francisco and step over the human feces to bring you a preview of the Recall Effort against Chesa Boudin. And over to Waukesha where the surviving victims of the Christmas Parade Massacre are being traumatized all over again by the Just-a-System. And finally through Ohio and Texas, where two murderers, (one convicted and one indicted) were allowed to live free enough and long enough to kill again.

The American Secretary of State is Blinkin’, Tony Blinken that is; and he’s bending over whichever way the perverts running him ask. The United States Marine Corps is one degree closer to Sodom, (but still with a little fight left in them). And Americans who thought they had “no problem with gay rights” are finding out that unless they submit, it is a problem.

The Ukrainian military in on the verge of queering right into the E.U. The man who shot the president will be touring freely this summer, and America might just end up in a war because no one ever wants us to know who really killed Seth Rich!

All that plus Sheryl Sandberg’s abortion, lying to the FBI, (and getting away with it), how to Make America Great Again, and a dog story just to make sure you tune in.



Suicidal Idiot Children

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she helps her host come to grips with the tragedy of his generation…

We begin with the Democrat murder of Seth Rich, and the darkness associated with his whole family in light of it… and then there’s the execution, (finally) of Tommy Arthur in Alabama, and the attempted suicide by cop of another suicidal idiot child in Times Square.

While in Ohio, the suicide of a generation, (intentional and otherwise) is filling the morgue to capacity and beyond, in Denver a fellow traveler dressed as a clown built razor gloves and slashed another to death. And in Oregon, on Mother’s Day, a homicidal idiot child decapitated his mother and inexplicably lived to tell about it!

And remember that girl found chained up in a shipping container in South Carolina back in November? Well, her rapist made a deal with the lawyers running the show down there to spare his life despite the chaining, the rape, the torture, and the 7 murders.

And as a child of the “Summer of Love” looked on, he saw mentally deranged, suicidal perverts permitted to march naked through San Francisco, trannies graduating American Military Academies, and traitor Bradley Manning free, in drag and surprisingly still living.

Meanwhile even the brightest and best connected among the Young Democrats are being arrested for all that child pornography produced by the purveyors of that “Summer of Love” lie, but this one’s out on bail.

And in one of the saddest, but most obviously impending endings ever, Chris Cornell opted to hang himself until dead after finishing a gig in Detroit. There was no suicide note, but passers by were directed to the artists body of work

And while our celebrity, idiot president may not have physically bowed to the financiers of the Islamic Caliphate in Saudi Arabia, he did give them the honor of visiting with them first, and his commerce with them was an exhibition of biblical proportion.

All this as ISIS massacred Christians in Egypt… again.

And the other celebrities in waiting looked on…

Tune in for all of that and an amateur analysis of why it is we all want to know somebody famous!