Domestic Tranquility

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer serves up slices of musical interlude amongst the slabs of truth, offense, and even a bit of fun…

You’ll hear the real Machiavellian reason behind traffic in Manhattan, how the roughnecks and wildcatters of America beat the thieves and liars of Russia and OPEC in the oil price war, and how retirement finally gave the Bishop of Hong Kong the courage to call out the Pope for even considering cutting a deal with the Red Chinese that would be a ‘betrayal of Jesus Christ’.

Find out why the living Hell happening in Venezuala right now will be visited upon the children of Cuba tomorrow unless someone overthrows the dictators and establishes Personhood Rights for all!

A Hip Hop artist named Nick Cannon may be a standard issue degenerate when it comes to foul mouthed lyrics, but even he draws the line at killing babies…

We bring you reason number 1075 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools courtesy of school superintendent and accused child molester Kenneth Cody Weber.

The war on Biblical marriage is threatening to claim the brief but entertaining television careers of Chip & Joanna Gaines of “Fixer Upper” on HGTV (Homo & Gay TV).

And we remind you of the words of America’s founders in the Declaration of Independence that the government they established should “…establish justice & insure domestic tranquility…”

But that promise is broken day after day in ever more horrifying refrain. This week heard in the lives lost of Brandy Vela in Texas City, of Lisa & Joel Guy in West Knox County Louisiana , of Sabrina Stauffenberg in Olney, Illinois, and Al Loehlein in Anoka Minnesota.

Meanwhile the flower of America’s youth numb themselves with Opium.

And they defile one another and even grin at the sacrifice of their very lives in perverted ceremonies reminiscent of Philistia and Gomorrah, in decrepit warehouses and other such hell holes (electronic dance music festivals) across the nation.

But the deluded continue on their way, wondering aloud what might have been the motive behind the Ohio State rampage, and camping out with hippies rented by George Soros.

It’s a pretty interesting ride this week, if you’re up to it. Grab it at the podcast below.