Ertelt Avoids Right to Life: Endorses Regulating Murder

As the “dark lord” descended upon Prescott AZ, and the American government issued directives on the roasting of marshmallows, your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer wrestled with the issues great and small for your edification and entertainment…

Joel Osteen’s wife spoke up leading thousands into confusion, and a federal judge has endorsed the sin of polygamy.

And last week key elements of Texas’ abortion regulations (approved by National Right to Life Committee, Steve Ertelt and countless other employees of the pro-life industry) were overturned in court, leaving pro-life industry hacks like Ertelt with nothing to discuss but talking points on the nuances of ambulatory surgical center rules and the vagaries of hospital admitting privileges.

Meanwhile other men in Colorado; leaders of the Personhood Movement, continued to drive the debate on the RIGHT TO LIFE, insisting that every innocent person has a God given Right to Life, (a debate Mr. Ertelt appears to believe… “has always turned out to be a losing effort”).

While in America, the “parents” in charge of our state universities are obsessed with regulating fornication

In Russia, Putin is reclaiming Ukraine.

In Israel the Hamas has won another battle, (at least for the moment, even securing a keynote from Jimmy Carter to one of their front groups).

In Saudi Arabia the child molesting, harem abusing king is warning Europe and America that the fanatics his wealthy citizens and princes fund are coming for us!And if anyone shouls know what the Islamists are up to, it’s him!

In Fort Hood the Obama Administration calls Nidal Hassan’s massacre “workplace violence”, even as he applies for citizenship in the Islamic State.

And at a Democrat fund raiser in the ironically named hamlet of “Purchase, New York” Barry HO Obama blamed the media for that growing sense that “the world is falling apart“, in spite of his jaw dropping admission to our enemies that we “don’t have a strategy to deal with the Islamic State in Syria yet“.

And in the midst of all this, Mike Tyson has convinced O.J. Simpson to consider converting to Islam… And while O.J. has some issues with the whole “fasting during Ramadan” thing, he is familiar with the devout Moslem hobby of human decapitation, so his place in the Caliphate may be a foregone conclusion.

So, there’s all that and a few other tidbits that might interest you. So grab the podcast, and launch yourself into the week armed with an interesting perspective that you just won’t find anywhere else!