Walk with America’s most attractive Audio Engineer as she and her host go in search of divine intervention against the rule of the hedonists.

The current cultural climate means that St. Mary’s of perpetual outrage can’t even crack a joke any more, “doctor” Robert Jeffress can’t figure out sovereignty, and America’s oligarchs have fallen behind the Russians in their capacity for banishment.

Disney is defending grooming even as their employees are arrested in the annual Florida pervert round up, English ministers find it unnecessary to define “woman”, and USA Today’s assortment of women of the year includes Rick Levine, a bureaucrat, a deviant, a man

Milo Yiannopoulos has renounced hedonism and will be defending the unborn, (and possibly cracking jokes for St. Mary’s), and America may have been destroyed by a stolen election, but it was a long time coming.

All that plus the sad decline of the feminine into dirty hair and dirty laundry a the Oriental market, and a plea for that divine intervention from Psalm 39.