Walk with America’s most attractive Audio Engineer as she and her host go in search of divine intervention against the rule of the hedonists.

The current cultural climate means that St. Mary’s of perpetual outrage can’t even crack a joke any more, “doctor” Robert Jeffress can’t figure out sovereignty, and America’s oligarchs have fallen behind the Russians in their capacity for banishment.

Disney is defending grooming even as their employees are arrested in the annual Florida pervert round up, English ministers find it unnecessary to define “woman”, and USA Today’s assortment of women of the year includes Rick Levine, a bureaucrat, a deviant, a man

Milo Yiannopoulos has renounced hedonism and will be defending the unborn, (and possibly cracking jokes for St. Mary’s), and America may have been destroyed by a stolen election, but it was a long time coming.

All that plus the sad decline of the feminine into dirty hair and dirty laundry a the Oriental market, and a plea for that divine intervention from Psalm 39.




Money, Lies & Genocide

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host bring you both plans and action.

Listen in to find out how a repentant Milo Yiannopoulos discovered being a homo is not exactly gay after all, why euthanasia advocates want to inflict their wrongful life’s work upon the vulnerable, and that the government schools intend to teach the children to commit genocide: (reason 1,194 to get your kids out)!

Get reason 1,194 to get your kids out of the double masking godless, government school, how the CDC gets away with calling the data that proves them all wrong, alright after all, and how Oprah Winfrey’s dishonest interview of a lying Meghan Markle (and some guy) made for suicidal tendencies, (if only in the illustrative sense).

The ruling Obama administration, led by Lt. Biden are focused on the feminization & trans-gendering of the only military force standing between the free world and the rising, cruel despots of Red China.

Hear why we think the “small fire” that is ANTIFA today, must be snuffed out with extreme prejudice before it becomes any more “all consuming.”

We’ll elucidate, (with ethnically appropriating impressions) the destruction being wrought with the millions of dollars given to Black Lives Matter and George Floyd’s family by guilty white liberals and the leftists who roll them.

And you’ll hear how sleeping with a mask while intoxicated can lead to an embarrassing situation, and why almost all the RE-publican governors and every one of their arrogant leftist puppet masters should be cast into the sea!

All this plus saving America, rescuing America, and and other bad acts from Washington, and why to post, (and why not to post) your phone number on Facebook.