Registered Offenders

As we head into a new week sans Ted Kennedy, one of his protoges, one Charlie Rangle seems to have found a half million dollars or so that he forgot to report in his financial disclosures. Oh well, it’s not like he killed somebody… his career will no doubt continue to flourish in his chosen profession of robbing the rich, and the middle class… and even the poor to give to the DNC. Perhaps he and one David Patterson, Governor of the late great state of New York need to hire translators to better inform thier collegues, the media, and quite possibly the IRS of thier doings…

And what’s the deal with the Muslims taking a perfectly good form of corporal punishment like caning and screwing it up? Bad religion and bad government again combine, this time in Malaysia to give caning a bad name. Well we’re here to defend the art of caning where applied appropriately, within the constraints of enlightened Christianity.

Since Matt Drudge and the rest of the willfully ignorant were somewhat confused by our defining of a fertilized human egg, (also known as a human embryo) as a person, leaders of the Personhood movement have condescended to formulate language that even someone of Drudge’s limited education can understand.

“Shall there be an amendment to the state constitution applying the term “person”, as used in those provisions relating to inalienable rights, equality of justice, and due process of law to every human being from the beginning of the biological development of that human being”. Any questions? Only an idiot, or possibly a lawyer could be confused, and Drudge is neither.

Meanwhile Barry Ho wants to talk with Iran about their nuclear ambitions. And they seem ready to come to the table, as long as the table is of a certain height, weight and color, is situated so Barry faces Mecca during the talks, has room underneath for the ever popular “bottoms up” salute that Allah seems to enjoy from his followers,  and is draped with the “Death to the Great Satan” banners so popular in the days of Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s youth.

And the state of domestic tranquility was again shaken with the report of a registered sex offender holding his young innocent victim in bondage for 18 years while the state dutifully kept watch. We discuss the proper protocol for registering such offenders as Phillip Garrido in detail this week while giving offense only where intended. Give a listen and see what I mean…

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