Intended Consequences

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host analyze the intent, the consequences, and the thin fig leaf of credibility, barely hanging on to cover the criminal insanity that is to be revealed, and resisted.

You’ll hear that the CDC is abandoning it’s current “emergency” PCR COVID test and suggesting folks pick a different one that can tell the difference between various viruses!

In Australia the military is enforcing the medical tyranny, in Alabama the hysterical cowardly governor is blaming unvaccinated folks for her descent into tyrannical madness, and in Washington a “leaked” report from people who care, drives fear of the dreaded Delta Variant!

In the UK more than half the “COVID positive” are produced after they came to the hospital for something else, in Alabama fake doctors are making up stories of the un-vaccinated begging for the vaccine as they perish, and at a medical school near you, your kids future doctors are not being taught that sex is one of the determining factors in medical treatment.

We see Simone Biles and her astonishing fall from the top as analogous to America and her current collapse.

Over in Tokyo a boy weightlifter will be going up against the girls this week, in cities across the nation the end of the eviction moratorium will serve the purposes of the forces of darkness seeking to divide us, and in Dallas what appears to be a hoax against guilt ridden suburban democrats might just keep at least one kid out of the college, (and isn’t it worth it)!

The ACLU and the Supreme Court both like profanity & vulgarity in public, Rochelle Rochelle Walensky is in full hysteric mode begging patriotic Americans for “just a couple of weeks” to stop the spread, and guilty white liberals are orchestrating the greatest invasion of America ever seen.

An Anchorage strip club is now a Baptist Church!

Victims and witnesses stoned a murderer to death in Ft. Worth, a Kern County CA Sheriff’s deputy was killed in the crossfire of America’s lack of domestic tranquility, and in Minnesota a girlfriend was beheaded by her boyfriend who was apparently upset about something or other…

All that plus what to do if you are asked to take the vaccine to keep your job, just deserts for evil grandmothers, and a tale of the brave bird whisperer, fighting evil in the darkness.