The Great Reset

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for an hour or so, and find out what’s happening this week & how to survive the coming catastrophe!

The US Army is attacking Climate Change, while America is at war with Robert Malone, MD & under attack by a spike protein unleashed by the biggest, dumbest experiment ever. And forget changing definitions; White House chief hysteric Rochelle Walensky has gone hysterical and and completely thrown out the definition of “mild”, when it comes to the latest bug going around.

In Canada they’ll take away your kids if you’re divorced and unvaccinated, in England they’ll drum you out of medicine for saying “It’s a girl!”, and in a federal Prison in Michigan a child molester finally got the death penalty he so sorely deserved.

The pedophiles will be ascendant as long as the normal people allow it, someone needs to remind the Christians that pornography should be illegal, and back in Canada, Justin Trudeau is acting like the bastard child of Fidel Castro…

Artur Pawlowski is in jail again, (this time he was going out to speak to the Freedom Blockade), and speaking of freedom; if you are not willing to die for it, you won’t be able to pass it on to your grandchildren.

All that plus C.S. Lewis and “The Great Divorce“, and how to reset your own life before it’s too late.







Intended Consequences

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host analyze the intent, the consequences, and the thin fig leaf of credibility, barely hanging on to cover the criminal insanity that is to be revealed, and resisted.

You’ll hear that the CDC is abandoning it’s current “emergency” PCR COVID test and suggesting folks pick a different one that can tell the difference between various viruses!

In Australia the military is enforcing the medical tyranny, in Alabama the hysterical cowardly governor is blaming unvaccinated folks for her descent into tyrannical madness, and in Washington a “leaked” report from people who care, drives fear of the dreaded Delta Variant!

In the UK more than half the “COVID positive” are produced after they came to the hospital for something else, in Alabama fake doctors are making up stories of the un-vaccinated begging for the vaccine as they perish, and at a medical school near you, your kids future doctors are not being taught that sex is one of the determining factors in medical treatment.

We see Simone Biles and her astonishing fall from the top as analogous to America and her current collapse.

Over in Tokyo a boy weightlifter will be going up against the girls this week, in cities across the nation the end of the eviction moratorium will serve the purposes of the forces of darkness seeking to divide us, and in Dallas what appears to be a hoax against guilt ridden suburban democrats might just keep at least one kid out of the college, (and isn’t it worth it)!

The ACLU and the Supreme Court both like profanity & vulgarity in public, Rochelle Rochelle Walensky is in full hysteric mode begging patriotic Americans for “just a couple of weeks” to stop the spread, and guilty white liberals are orchestrating the greatest invasion of America ever seen.

An Anchorage strip club is now a Baptist Church!

Victims and witnesses stoned a murderer to death in Ft. Worth, a Kern County CA Sheriff’s deputy was killed in the crossfire of America’s lack of domestic tranquility, and in Minnesota a girlfriend was beheaded by her boyfriend who was apparently upset about something or other…

All that plus what to do if you are asked to take the vaccine to keep your job, just deserts for evil grandmothers, and a tale of the brave bird whisperer, fighting evil in the darkness.



Safer at Home

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as her and her host as they explore reality together, from a uniquely eternal, and sometimes hilarious point of view.

Find out what the Just-a-System deals teenage kids who murder an innocent man for a joyride, what CDC Director and chief hysteric Rochelle Walensky thinks of door to door vax troopers vis-a-vis hand to hand combat, what the male Stewardesses might be wearing on your next JetBlue flight, and just how long the pathology of Critical Race Theory in the government has been going on.

The FBI apparently couldn’t capture a molester for months or more, even as he was molesting. The Fascist Dictatorship of Canada may turn out the America’s (and Christianity’s) greatest existential threat. One Sheriff in Los Angeles has discovered his testicles, (for the moment). And there have been at least half a million adverse events, an quite possibly fifty-thousand plus deaths resulting from the experimental COVID-19 “vaccine”, (which is being offered free by the way, by the government).

The Chicago public schools want to molest 5th graders, while the leadership of the EU wants to molest the rest. And a psychotic psychologist named Maura Priest is publishing her opinion that parents should be prevented from interfering with the “trans-ing” of their children. And she is professing advocacy for such criminal behavior in order to become some sort of “professor”.

The end of Western Medicine continues via “chest-feeding“.

The Hide-Embarrass administration is hiring red Chinese spies at the NSA, their Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is a naked Marxist, looters beat even the Taliban to the abandoned Bagram Air base in Afghanistan, and all this while Cubans march in the streets with American flags crying out for freedom.

Look to the violent end of South Africa to see where Critical Race Governance leads.

And reason number 1025, (the teacher who claimed to have a constitutional right to molest students), and reason # 1206, (The American Federation of Teachers lawyering-up against parent), that have led to the precipitous drop in enrollments over at the government school monster machine.

All that and a Karate chop, right her at the Weekly Worldview.