Leaving God Out is for Losers

Shall the likes of Quentin Tarantino and the homos win the cultural & legal debates that rage all around us? Well, it’s all but guaranteed if the people with the answers to solve the problems of mankind avoid the issue of the Creator God who is judge of all the earth and from whom all the rights so drolly referred to by the likes of Harry Blackmun proceed. Leave God out of the debate, and the fags, the freaks, the socialist thieves, and the killers of the innocent win the debate in the long run. (The long run on earth that is… until they meet Jesus Christ and he inserts himself personally into the debate, and into their lives once and for all).

And winning the debate here and now is important. Whether observed by a potential murderer in Texas, a plotting killer in Oklahoma, a conniving butcher in the government school, a machete wielding scum-bag in Alaska, a motorist with murder in his heart in Ohio, two scheming robbers in Minnesota, a man, his wife, and their horse in Massachusetts, or an angry daughter in Detroit. The heart of every potential criminal must hear and fear the moral laws of a just and eternal God by whom the destiny of their eternal soul shall be fixed.

And beyond the culture war, the war of Moslem fascists upon the west, (and just about anyone else who won’t submit to the popular “bottoms up” salute preferred by Allah) continues. And While the American Government focuses on breaking the will… of American fighting men, the Moslem combatants remain true to purpose. Perhaps only the drones and the robots will escape the withering friendly fire being laid down against our troops by a congress, a just-a-system, and an executive hell bent on assuming the face down position on a Moslem prayer rug.

Meanwhile the Haitian People await an indigenous leader to be raised up to lead them out of their current destruction (and the perpetual welfare state they were in even before the catastrophe). Hear your hosts proposed solution that could interrupt the best laid plans of mice and men to enslave the Haitians once again.

And this week marks the dubious distinction of Roe vs. Wade and the nationwide legalization of the murder of an entire class of citizen. And we would be remiss not to remind you to attend your local March for Life to stand with the 51 million plus citizens killed who will stand in the Day of Judgment with Jesus Christ and shall render a judgment upon every person who spoke in their defense. And on that day they will say with Him, “well done thy good and faithful servant”.

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