Gimme Back My Tranquility!

Conservative Talk: Gimme Back My Tranquility MP3


Like mother like daughter I suppose, but at least Sarah was willing to make the marriage official on election day. Here’s another fine example of how secular republicans reap what they sow. And Mitt is on the prowl toward election 2012, and his favorite cheerleader, Ann Coulter made the big time this week as a genuine YouTube phenom! I always suspected that the joke would be on her…


And it would seem that since 10% percent of the population is on food stamps, and 30% work for the government either at the local, state or federal level, the socialism we thought was in our future is here now! And as usual the war on America, by America continues at an ever accellerating pace, I’ll try to keep track. Stay Tuned…

Oh yeah, due to ineptitude on the part of our production supervisor (that’s me) the audio quality is pretty poor this week, and the music is non-existant. We’ll have it all patched up for next week’s show, (or that guy’s fired!)

Conservative Talk: Gimme Back My Tranquility MP3

The War at Your Door

Conservative Talk: The War at Your Door MP3

I just think that  that being raised by Madonna is abuse beyond the pale. Even akin to that suffered by the average attendee of a Metallica concert, (whether you’re peed upon or not), and those poor kids from Malawi simply deserve better…

And the greatest threat to Western Christendom, (or post Christendom to put a finer point on it) comes not from Islamic terrorists, but from the secular humanists, who from their inception (whether you peg it at Babel or the Blitz) were exactly what they’ve become seen to be!

And the smuggling continues, from Idaho this time, and they’re not smuggling something green. But fear not, Anderson Cooper stands vigilant watch on our southern border. And he must do it you understand, to tell us about the war next door all week, while he allots 15 seconds of infamy to the bloodbath in anytown USA. It’s a shame that one must go armed in order to feel secure, whether at Burger King, or your local college campus. But proper gun control is necessary these days…

Scanning the wires as a witness to the latest assault on domestic tranquility can be a bit depressing, but I soldier on ‘cuase someone has to pick up the slack of the main-scream media

Who else can sort it all out and define a miracle for the dimmer lights among us, (or those who by ignorance or intent dim the light of Christ and His finished work)? Your humble host calls it as he sees it, and remembers what words mean you see…perhaps we’ll someday realize that it is the it’s the innocent, and the developmentally disabled among us who are, and who shall be our judge. So while the humanists intentionally miss the point, and confuse the opportunity to teach our children the truth, the post McCain secular conservatives offer standing ovations to those who should be cast into the wilderness, and calmy slog along as our streets are filled with the maniacs  and psychos the asceed to tolerate.

And who is Barry HO (president Barack H. Obama) looking for in Swizerland anyway? Is he looking for the people who’ve looted the treasury? He’d better look closer to home, (while he looks over his shoulder)…

Drug tests for welfare moms? I’d prefer a drug test for the pols running the welfare plantation! A mind altered is fertile ground for futile thoughts, and when you visit thier climbs, from the student council, to the state house, to the Supreme Court, to the hollow halls of congress and all the way the the White House, the futility is so thick you can cut it with a knife...

A Killer who rips the arms and legs off of human beings, drains thier blood, flays thier guts, and throws thier lifeless corpses into piles that would have made Mengele proud was found not guilty, in that he did his killing according to the directives of the courts, the government and the Pro-Life Industry.

So as a a band I can’t recall once said, as they closed the casket on the Rock and Roll we thought would never die…”I’d be happy just to get your attention”. So listen to the show, and thanks to my small circle, most of all my other brother Darryll, who makes a good bit of it all possible!

Conservative Talk: The War at Your Door MP3

Principles And Conflict

Denver (d’AP) Shocking revelations as The Worldview examines what some comfortably call the “culture war”, and what others fight daily in the conflict for the soul and future of Western Civilization. See how Barry-HO & Pelosi fiddle while getting burned, while You-Tube provides the brilliant and the ignorant alike a light through which to view the horror show.

Will we one day see this question answered in a court of law:
When does life begin?

And by that we don’t mean the life of Riley pursued by our little legislative ceasars, but life uncorrupted by the muddled thinking of the likes of Bill Richardson. Real Life is happening every day, despite the best efforts of the cultural oligarchs planning the experiments, but it’s not like 1957 my friends…or even 1967;

Has anyone seen Axl Rose’s Manson T-shirt, forget the shirt, the guy’s still alive (Charles Manson, not Axl, though he may be alive as well)…Charlie don’t surf but he looks a lot like grandpa now, only less stressed out. It’s a war on embryos alright, and it’ll take more than a tea party to win this fight.

Cash is king,
but the innocents lost will judge without giving thought to the money at all.

But who are we to take up verbal arms…well if not us than who, and if not now….well, forget when, ’cause it’s already too late. It’s hard to muster an army when they’ve spent their energy on a tea party in the park. Have you heard Bubba Bill Jeff’s dis-information about the embryos he’d have chopped up before the experiments begin? Surely a doctor wouldn’t let him get by with that! But then again, we’re talking about the Scourge-in-General of the United States.

Listen to the show….
It’ll all make sense, well some of it will anyway…here’s the MP3 link…

Conservative Talk: Principals & Conflict MP3