That About Does it for the Right to Life

An explosive mid week special edition finds America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host casting the news of the week against the final destruction of the God given Right to Life by the very people who claim to it’s champion.

Welcome to “Post Rights America” folks, it’s been building for some time, but now it appears the die is cast. The rights enumerated in our constitution, (especially the most fundamental right to life) no longer stand as the bedrock upon which our civilization stands. And worse than that! It  was an inside job!

But first tune in to learn about the lawyers of the Scopes Monkey Trial, Trump on Rove & McCain, Planned Parenthood apologizing for the tone they took while murdering, dismembering, and selling the organs of innocent people.

We address the next logical step in the destruction of a nation: a transvestite Army. And then we note how angry the queers seem to be getting now that they got what they wanted

We pray for the destruction of Ashley Madison, and attempt to psychoanalyze a president who frees drug dealers and the drug dealers he sets free.

Then of course there’s Barry’s oversight with the flag and the dead Marines, The Ayatollah’s AK-47, the continuing ISIS rampage, and John Kerry’s failure top get even one American prisoner released from Iran, despite having made some sort of “deal“.

But most of this is just of passing interest when compared to what Scott Walker did to the Right to Life this past week. He, along with the pro-life industry effectively nullified it. And for that your hos is posting the following open letter:

To Scott Walker and the leaders of the pro-life industry who call their 20 week abortion regulation “pro-life”:

I feel led by the Spirit to rebuke you before God and man (Luke 17:3) for the wickedness you have helped to accomplish among the the political class and the electorate alike.I only send this rebuke because I think you may be reachable because of your love for Jesus Christ.
Your support, and Scott Walker’s implementation of laws that ignore, or explicitly deny the baby’s God given Right to Life and God given Personhood in an attempt to  regulate 5% or less of all abortions will make the end of legal abortion in America effectively impossible.Whether you intend it or not your support for the regulation of baby murder has taught a generation of politicians and people to tolerate and even endorse by law certain abortions while ignoring or denying the God given Right to Life & Personhood of His children.These are God’s children and don’t you forget it!

Because of what you have done people & politicians alike now declare themselves “pro-life” as they endorse the abortions you endorse, the abortions you’ve taught them to endorse; abortions of innocent babies before they’re 20 weeks old, (which is well over 1 million innocent people per year murdered).Have you decided to give the child killers their pound of flesh? Is that your new standard? Have you become content to live alongside the blood-soaked baby killers? Have you lost sight of your first love?I only pray that you are honestly deceived, and not like the other pro-choice advocates with whom you are now aligned.

Any law regarding abortion that fails to address the God given Right to Life & Personhood of the unborn child is in fact an endorsement of those abortions it allows, whether implicit or explicit.God makes no exceptions, for abortionists, politicians, or activists.I cannot believe you do not see your sin when you pray to God for wisdom.

God will be the Judge!
And you can judge the podcast for yourself below…